Top Insights from a 13-Week Cash Flow Analysis

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For one of our clients, we have developed a detailed 13-week projected cash flow, becoming an indispensable tool for accurately tracking the available funds at the end of each week. This projection is of fundamental importance, considering both the weekly income and expenses.

Understanding Income and Expenses

In the context of income, we encompass all the revenue the company receives from its operations. On the other hand, in terms of expenses, we consider the following categories:

  1. Payroll: We conduct a detailed projection of the company’s payroll expenditure. It is crucial to have clarity on payroll payments, ideally establishing a specific day in the month for disbursement. However, we understand that some companies may have multiple payment dates, highlighting the importance of creating cash flow projections to have visibility into associated weekly cash outflows.
  2. Suppliers: We project various payments to suppliers with outstanding invoices. We meticulously track all invoices, considering their due dates to plan their payment in the corresponding week. Detailing this information is crucial as it allows for the creation of a payment schedule in line with the invoice due dates.
  3. Other Expenses: This category encompasses expenses such as subscriptions, non-recurring expenses, credit card payments, among others. These expenses can vary from one client to another, making it essential to create a payment schedule. For instance, with subscriptions known for their payment on a specific date of the month.

Providing Clarity and Control

By detailing these elements in our projection, we provide a clear view of the amount of money available at the close of each week. This not only allows for effective money management but also ensures that no more than necessary is spent in each period.

Empowering Financial Understanding and Control

Our experience in financial planning and analysis, specifically in preparing these projections, has demonstrated that our clients gain a complete understanding and control of their finances. This type of financial analysis provides them with greater freedom in making decisions that may affect cash flow since they are aware in advance of the maximum amount of money available each week. Our clients have expressed their satisfaction with these analyses, reflecting the effectiveness and benefits they provide. The ability to accurately analyze cash flow gives our clients an advantage by playing the cashflow game in real life.

In conclusion, a 13-week cash flow analysis is a powerful tool for businesses to gain insights into their financial operations, enabling informed decision-making and effective cash flow management. If you are interested in getting it done for your business contact us.

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